Turn in the road

The first manoeuvre to learn as it's the easiest!  Remember you can only do this manoeuvre on certain roads. Never on a one way street or dual carriage way/motorway.  We generally do this on quiet side roads when maybe we've visited a friend and want to turn the car around and go home.  However sometimes we can do this if maybe there has been an accident ahead of us and we are not moving. Remember to only do this manoeuvre if it is safe to do so.  

Control of vehicle - remember to keep very slow your speed should be crawling on your hands and knees, lots of clutch control.

Try to be accurate - don't worry if it goes a little wrong you are allowed to fix it by going forwards and backwards. You will try and complete manoeuvre in 3 turns don't worry if you do it in 5. You must not touch the kerb at any point.

Lots of observations - remember to keep looking for vehicles that may want to pass by gain eye contact with approaching vehicles but do not wave them through. If a vehicle stops continue if safe.

Assess the road first is it uphill, down hill or flat. Does the road have a strong camber?

Prepare the car into 1st gear and find biting point. Start your 6 point check from left shoulder to right if the road is clear of moving vehicles, pedestrians should also be clear from your car, move the car very slowly using clutch control. As you move slowly turn the steering wheel as quickly as you can to the right full lock.  

As the car moves towards the kerb have another check up and down the road, when the kerb is in line with the right door mirror (see fig 1) start to straighten the steering wheel back to the left at least 1.5 turns, stop when the purple star on your door is in line with the kerb (see fig 2).

Change gear into reverse put on hand brake , find biting point, start seven point check from right shoulder to back window (you must look out the back window before reversing) if safe reverse slowly turning wheel full lock left, keep observing out the back window and checking up and down

road. As you come close to kerb straighten wheel stop when the kerb is in corner of your window (see fig 3).

Change into 1st gear put on hand brake and find biting point do your six point check if safe move car forwards slowly turning wheel to the right straighten up when on left side of road and parallel look in rear view mirror and continue on your way.

Some vehicles that approach will want to get past when you are half what through manoeuvre, if they have enough room they will do this stay still and allow them to do this.

Other vehicles even if they have space will be happy to wait for you to continue. Sometimes they stop get bored and then try to get past if a vehicle does stop keep checking that they are still stopped and not trying to get past.

Try not to panic if a vehicle is waiting for you we all have to wait sometimes for vehicles to complete a manoeuvre.

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