According to the DSA "those who pass their driving test had had on average about 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice". It is important for you to be at a competent level before embarking on a practical test.

Always book your practical test through the website, I will be advising you on the best test centre for you this usually is the one closest to where you live. Ideally you are going to try and avoid tests during busy periods of the day, i.e, morning rush hour and school pick up times. Ideally a test shoud be booked between 10am and 1.30pm. Most tests are taken Monday- Friday. Some test can be taken at weekends if necessary. You will be having an hour lesson before the test to allow you to warm up and practice a little and to try and get rid of your nerves.

On the day
Okay so the big day is here - remember your driving examiner will be observing you for an overall high safe standard of driving.

You must arrive at the test centre at your allotted time, turning up over five minutes late will result in your test being cancelled by the examiner.

The test will start with your eyesight test (you must be to read a car number plate at around four car lengths away) again failure to do this will result in the test being cancelled.

You will then be asked two safety questions (see safety questions). Failure to do this won't fail you but you want the examiner to feel like you are ready to take this test, ready to pass and be able to look after your car whilst on the road. If you get them wrong you will pickup a driver fault.

This day is when all the information you have learnt over the pass few months (highway code, theory test, traffic signs etc. come into play, failure to understand or forget is not an option. I want you to be a safe confident driver for the rest of your life.

The driving part of your test will last for around 40 minutes. Most pupils use my car for their practical test although some do take it in their own, I will be happy which ever you feel most confident in.
If you take it in your own car I will ensure that it conforms to the test vehicle requirements set by the DSA. Some vehicles can't be used for safety reasons.


Don't panic I know it sounds scary!!! OK so the independent driving section consists of your driving examiner will at any point during your test request you to drive to a specific destination either by following a map or following road signs you will only be asked to do this for around 10 minutes.

It is not essential you follow these exact directions we all go wrong some times. If you make a wrong turn don't worry your examiner will help you get back on track. If you have forgotten where to go or you've missed a sign don't panic you can ask for help and you won't fail or pick up a driver fault.

Further information is available on the direct gov website under independent drive.


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