If there are vehicles approaching towards or behind you signal left and put the car in reverse quickly.

Do your Six point check starting at your right shoulder if there are vehicles approaching establish what they are doing if they are continuing around you stay still if they have stopped to allow you to continue check around and continue if safe.

Reverse straight until you see the back of the parked vehicle in side left window around half way, pause here and have a good look around (you must look over your right shoulder) if safe continue (see fig 2).

Now steer 1 turn to the left keep looking around and making sure it's safe to continue, stop if vehicles want to pass.  

Look in blind spot mirror for kerb to be in line with Door handle, pause again look around and turn full lock right keep checking around ensuring its safe to continue (see fig 3).

Straighten up (1.5 turns left) when car is parallel to kerb. Leave tyres and Tarmac to enable easy move off (see fig 4).

What to do if it goes wrong!
You must not touch the kerb if you think you will touch it stop, put into 1st gear, dry steer left full lock then move car very slowly forwards to bring it in parallel with kerb straighten up 1.5 turns right.

If you end up too far from kerb don't panic reverse back with straight wheel until you are 1 car length from vehicle, moving very slowly forwards turn 1 turn left quickly when front of car is close to kerb turn 2 turns right to bring in back of car when parallel to kerb straighten up 1 turn left.


Parallel Parking

Control of vehicle - remember to keep very slow your speed should be crawling on your hands and knees, lots of clutch control.

Try to be accurate - don't worry if it goes wrong you are allowed to fix it by going forwards and backwards. You must try to complete the manoeuvre in 2 car lengths.

Lots of observations - remember to keep looking around especially over right shoulder try to observe every 3 seconds.

Check that the road is clear of moving vehicles.

Pull alongside parked car 1 metre away from vehicle. Make sure your car and steering wheel are straight you should be parallel to the parked vehicle stop when your wing mirror is in line with the front of the parked vehicle (see fig 1).